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UPSers is a technology-based website specially crafted for the employees of UPS Logistics Company. UPS Logistic Company is United States’ largest package delivery chain. With thousands of employees, the company offers top-notch facilities to its clients.

However, efficiently managing such a vast employee base and information is pretty diplomatic. So, the company has chosen the roads of technology, creating a special website. The UPSers website is officially created strictly for the registered members of the company, and any other non-verified entry to the website is prohibited. Through this website, UPS organization avails exclusive services and features to all its employees and vendors.

UPSers Login

UPS employees tune into the website with their registered login credentials and grab amazing perks. They can also access many services like getting payroll information, requesting leaves, managing employee benefits, managing their schedules, and doing many more. There is much more cool stuff waiting for the employees to enjoy an edge-quality working experience with the portal. 

So, if you are a new member of UPS Logistics company, don’t miss out on reading this step-by-step guide that will show you how to log in to UPSers.Com. Know the ins and outs of the UPSers employee login portal here.

UPSers Employee Login

Here are the simple steps to sign in to the UPSers employee website at

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Enter your User ID and Password and select the desired language. 
  3. After you have filled in all information, hit the login button. 
  4. Once your data is verified, the website will be instantly accessible.

How To Register To UPSers Employee Account?

To access the portal, every employee must register on the website first. Follow these steps to register quickly – 

  • Visit the website at
  • Choose your language. 
  • Enter your unique username and security code. 
  • Now you will have to pick a security question and quote its answer. 
  • Now, set your password.

How To Generate UPSers Username And Password?

You can easily grab your username and password by following these simple steps – 

  • Visit
  • Hit the new Username and Password button. 
  • Now fill in all details like Work data, Employee Type, Enrollment Date, Last Name, Employee ID, and more. 
  • After you have filled in all details, your unique PIN will be displayed on the screen. 

How To Reset Your Password?

If you have forgotten your UPSers password, here are the steps to reset it – 

  • Go to the official website at 
  • Hit the “Forgot Password” button. 
  • Enter your User ID. 
  • Validate other info like phone number and pin via email and answer the security question. 
  • Once you have done it all, your password will be reset. 

In case of any difficulty while handling the UPSers portal, contact the HR department for instant assistance.

UPSers Employee Login Portal Benefits

If you are a worker at UPS Logistics company, is your dream hub. The site offers tons of discounts and other perks to registered employees. Moreover, it helps them to supervise and manage all the information. Here are some more perks of using the UPSers login portal – 

  • Corporate data – The website is a one-stop location for all employment-related data of the workers. It delivers all business-relevant updates and other important info regularly to the employees. 
  • Communication – allows employees to communicate with managers and other branch authorities easily. They can also reach out to the HR department in case of any queries or issues. 
  • Advanced Technology – The website is fully technology-based and highly optimized. It’s almost free from bugs. At the same time, the technical team is always measuring the flaws and implementing modern methods to offer the best experience to the employees. 
  • Leave Management – allows employees to view and manage their leave schedules. They can also apply for leaves (Paid & Unpaid) through the online portal. 
  • Permissions – All registered employees of UPS Logistic Company can apply for any special permission regarding leave, shifts, or vacations and get instant approval from the HR department. This makes the work convenient and fast and helps the company develop a good relationship with the employees. 
  • Efficient Records – The website is a storehouse of all the important information of the employees. Therefore, the website lets employees easily view and manage their data and claim payment receipts, certificates, payroll, and more. 
  • Training Opportunities – The company provides ample opportunities for its employee to learn and polish their skills. There are tons of courses on the website, which the employees can join for free and enjoy a seamless learning experience. 

Refund And Claims – All the employees can claim their expenses covered by the company through their website. They can also claim several working benefits and other beneficiary plans online. 

Check all the details below to know how to register and enjoy all the perks at 

System Requirements For Accessing

DesktopSmartphoneOperating System
Internet Explorer Google ChromePC with a strong Internet facility
Google ChromeSafari for iOS deviceWindow 7 or Higher Version
Microsoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxMac OS X or Higher Version
FirefoxOpera Mini 


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