KrogerFeedback Survey: Earn 50 Fuel Points

Kroger is one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. They operate thousands of supermarkets and convenience stores across the country.

Kroger cares a lot about what its customers think. They want to make sure you have the best possible shopping experience every time you visit one of their stores. This is why Kroger created the KrogerFeedback Survey.

The Kroger Feedback survey allows customers to share their opinions on various aspects of their shopping trips. Kroger uses this feedback to understand what is working well and what needs improvement in their stores.

Your input through the KrogerFeedback Survey goes a long way in shaping Kroger’s operations to better serve you.

What is KrogerFeedback Survey?

The KrogerFeedback Survey is a short questionnaire focused on customer satisfaction. When you complete the survey after shopping at Kroger, you provide valuable insights into your store visits. Your feedback helps Kroger identify strengths and weaknesses in areas like:

  • Employee friendliness and service
  • Store cleanliness and atmosphere
  • Quality and availability of products
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Overall shopping experience

The main goal of the KrogerFeedback Survey is to collect honest customer opinions so Kroger can continue improving. By taking part in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey, store management will directly hear your opinion.

Kroger offers rewards and 50 fuel points to show appreciation for your time and feedback. These perks give you savings on future purchases.

How to Access and Complete the KrogerFeedback Survey?

Taking part in the KrogerFeedback Survey is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make a purchase at Kroger and keep your receipt. The receipt will have a survey invitation with a website address.
  2. Visit or and select the “Begin Survey” button.
  3. Enter your date of visit, transaction number, and store number exactly as shown on your Kroger receipt. Having your receipt handy makes this process smooth.
  4. Next, answer all the survey questions based on your recent shopping experience. The questions cover overall satisfaction plus specific areas like customer service and product selection.
  5. Provide any additional comments you may have before submitting the survey.
  6. Choose whether you want to enter the sweepstakes or redeem digital coupons.

The entire survey takes about 5-10 minutes to finish. Make sure to provide thoughtful responses so Kroger gains key insights into improving service.

Types of Questions in the KrogerFeedback Survey

The KrogerFeedback Survey features different question categories to rate various aspects of your store visits.

Some of the main sections include:

  • Overall Satisfaction: Questions about your overall happiness with Kroger’s prices, selection, cleanliness, staff and more.
  • Customer Service: Feedback on the friendliness, promptness and helpfulness of Kroger employees.
  • Store Atmosphere: Rating of the store’s cleanliness, organization, comfort and ease of navigation.
  • Product Availability: Opinions on product selection, inventory and item freshness.
  • Pricing and Value: Thoughts on price fairness, affordability and promotional offers.
  • Food Prep and Service: For deli, bakery and other prepared items, rate the taste, portions, and wait times.

By covering all these areas, the KrogerFeedback Survey helps stores take a comprehensive look at the customer experience. Your detailed feedback helps them make improvements at every step.

Benefits of Completing the Kroger Feedback Survey

You may be wondering why your participation in the KrogerFeedback Survey matters. Here are some key benefits:

Your Feedback Directly Shapes Kroger’s Operations

Since the survey responses go right to local store management, your opinions help identify what’s working and what needs change. Your constructive criticism about employee service, store cleanliness or product selection at your Kroger location can lead to actual improvements.

Earn Rewards and Fuel Points

To thank you for your time spent taking the survey, Kroger offers sweepstakes entries and coupons. With each survey complete, you can choose to enter their $5000 prize draw or get 100 free fuel points. Redeeming fuel points on future gas purchases helps you save money.

Enhance the Shopping Experience for All

By voicing your honest feedback through the KrogerFeedback Survey, you help the store improve for all current and future shoppers. Your input contributes directly to making every customer’s experience better.

In summary, the KrogerFeedback Survey lets your voice be heard to shape a better shopping environment. By participating, you enjoy rewards while helping your community.


The KrogerFeedback Survey provides a simple and rewarding way to share your shopping opinions directly with Kroger’s management. By listening to your feedback, Kroger can keep enhancing their stores and service. Your survey responses give insights into areas needing improvement. Plus, you earn sweepstakes entries and fuel points as a thank you for your input. Complete the KrogerFeedback Survey after your next trip and see the positive impact your voice can make. Your feedback helps build an even better shopping experience.

For any questions about the KrogerFeedback Survey or rewards, visit or, or contact your local Kroger store.