Best Green Cities In United States Like Portland

Tree hugger or not, all people have p duty to safeguard Earth. Luckily, 74 percent of Americans agree with this statement now. The remainder still stresses that “going green” will cost the economy some significant green and lead to significant employment cuts.

Additionally, the UCS points from that fossil-fuel technology have a tendency to be capital-intensive, whereas the renewable-energy sector is significantly more labor-intensive. In 2015, for example, the Solar Foundation reported that the solar sector generated jobs almost 20 times faster than the nationwide rate.


Recognizing those benefits, cities across the U.S. have fulfilled their sustainability efforts using their economic targets and subsequently have obtained handsome returns on these investments. To ascertain the towns promoting an environmentally friendly way of life, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 biggest cities around 20 key “green” indicators.

Our data collection ranges from “greenhouse-gas emissions per capita” into a “variety of smart-energy initiatives and policies.” Read on below to our findings, further specialist opinion and p complete description of our methodology.

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