Best AM FM Portable Radios for Home

Think about this! How would life be without music? Without a doubt, it would be boring and not worth living. 

Fortunately, there are many ways these days to listen to your favorite music. You can stream, watch, and even listen to it on the radio. 

In this article, we review the best AM FM portable radios for the home. Please take a look at our options and maybe pick one that best meets your needs.

Best AM FM Portable Radios for Home

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Here Are Our Best AM FM Portable Radios

#1. Sangean PR – D18

Sangean PR - D18 AM FM Portable Radio

If you want a digital AM FM radio with exceptional sound quality, this might be a suitable option to consider. It is a sturdy type that you can easily carry around or anywhere you wish to have it. Do you listen to your favorite music? 

This product comes with about ten pre-set stations, and it picks up the stations quite easily compared to other types. Even when signals are weak, simply pulling its retractable antenna and turning it in the right direction will solve the problem immediately. 

You can either use an AC adaptor or AA batteries when it comes to power options, and you are good to go. You need 4 AA batteries, and your radio is okay to start doing its job. It is also worth noting that it has a power status indicator, which helps you know when to get new batteries.

One other thing I like about this AM FM digital radio is its LCD, which has a backlight, so you don’t have to struggle to see it from a great distance. 

Other extra features are a clock and an alarm system. Also, note that it is pretty easy to hold with its design and is, in fact, comfortable. 

  • You can buy it on amazon.

#2. Panasonic RF – 2400D AM FM Portable Radio

Sony ICFP26 Portable Radio with Speaker

If you want a radio that will both entertain you as well as remind you of the good old days when AM AF radio was a great deal, then the PanasonicRF – 2400D might be your best bet. 

One great feature of this radio is its simple design. You won’t struggle with buttons or settings, as with some modern radios with too many features. You’ll not find any of those on this radio, but it remains a great AM FM radio. 

The one thing I love about it is its considerably large tuning knob, which makes it easy to search stations. It does not have digital control or a LED screen, but its regular features remain great. 

Another thing worth noting about this radio is the quality of its sound. Its 10CM speaker is great for listening to your best songs without any unnecessary complications. For better sound, you can plug in your powerful headphones and enjoy the even better sound quality. 

It comes with a pack of AA batteries, and you can buy it on amazon. 

#3. Vondior AM FM Radio Portable Radio

Do you want an AM FM radio that you can comfortably put in your bag or pocket? Perhaps, the Vondior is your best option. It is easy to carry around and even adjust its settings. 

This radio needs AA batteries, which when you do not have power in your house. It has one of the best qualities when it comes to sound. It also does not dry up batteries quickly. You’ll take a considerable time before you think of buying new batteries. 

While it does not come with extra features such as Bluetooth and WiFi, this radio will remind you how the old types worked. It is easy to set, and you won’t have to keep any adjustments, as is the case with some modern digital types. 

In a nutshell, the Vondior AM FM radio is a nice small radio if you love the old compact design. 

You can make an order from Amazon if you like it.

#4. Sony ICFP26 Portable Radio with Speaker

Sony ICFP26 Portable Radio with Speaker

Sony is a brand that has been in the market for decades. So, to date, its Sony ICFP 26 remains one of the best AM FM radios to consider. The brand has many radios in the market, but this one is one of the best when it comes to portability and style. 

This radio has a LED indicator that helps you when tuning and when you want to know the status of the batteries. Therefore, it is easy to search for the station you want and know when it is time to get new batteries. 

When it comes to size, this radio is just 2.74 inches in height and 1.5inches in length. With such size, you can easily hold it and carry it around. It is a perfect item to take as you take your usual weekend walks. 

The one great feature I like about it is the carrying strap that comes with it. The strat not only makes it easy to carry, but it also keeps it from getting lost as you commute. 

It has a high-quality built-in speaker and a headphone socket as well. You need AA batteries, and you are ready to listen to your favorite music. 

The radio is available on Amazon, so you can check the latest price and purchase if you like. 

#5. Retekess TR604 Radio

It is another great radio best for someone who wants a traditional style of AM FM radio. It is easy to tune in and can easily connect to many stations, provided you are in a place with a good signal. 

Notable features include louder volume with the best tone quality, a clean/shiny black finish, and a pretty small size, making it easy to carry around. It has a carry handle that makes it easy to carry around while listening to your best music and radio programs. 

The radio can run on batteries and also comes with an AC power cord if you’d like to use an AC power source to run it. 

One other feature I liked about it is its headphone jack, which you can use to connect it to an external speaker or earphones if you like. 

It has a classic look, of course, with a slight digital twist when it comes to the general look. 

  • You can check it on Amazon and buy it if it meets your needs. 

From my side, it remains one of the best AM FM radios worth considering. 

You will need a Ham radio license to operate some of the radios.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best AM FM Portable Radio for Home

You don’t need just a radio, but a good device that will make it easy for you to consume music, news, informative podcasts, and other services. While options are many, not all are good for you, so check them well. 

Here are fundamental factors you ought to always remember:

Power Source

Many AM FM radios have a couple of options for power. The major options are batteries, adaptors, and AC cords. A good radio should have all these, so it becomes easy for you to power it and listen to your favorite music and programs. So check the power source carefully, and if possible, test them before making a purchase. 

Quality of Sound

You, of course, wouldn’t want to buy something you’ll be struggling to hear what’s it’s playing or saying. If you want to enjoy music, get a radio that has the best sound quality. 

For AM FM radios, a single speaker is enough. However, don’t just count the speakers. Not all speakers are the best. For quality sound, insist on getting a stereo speaker type. 

Digital Versus Analogue

A radio can use analog channels or digital signals. For many years, most radios were analog, but these days, there are digital options. What’s the difference? Simply put, analog types use the antennae, while digitals might not necessarily need/use them. 

Now, which one is the best? Well, digital radios tend to be clearer than analog when it comes to signals. They also have wide coverage. Also, note that if you live in remote areas with poor where signals might not be strong, an analog one might not help you. 


Radio can’t be in the house all the time. Don’t you want to listen to some good music while doing work outdoors? So, a good AM AF radio should be easy to carry around. 

Get a versatile type, especially if you love going around with it. Let it keep you company as you wash clothes outdoors, fix your car, and even do routine exercises. 

Extra Features

A good AM FM radio should, at least, be compatible with a few other devices. For instance, it should allow you to connect to an MP3 player or even an iPod. That gives you room to enjoy more music apart from those you listen to from stations.

Other extra features worth checking include an alarm system, sleep timer, and auxiliary inputs such as earphones. If you can get one with all these features, you most likely will enjoy an outstanding performance rather than just when you pick any radio.

You can learn more about AM FM Radio signals here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix a Radio that Picks Noise?

In most cases, the issue is with the antennae and frequencies. Check them, and it won’t pick noise. 

Are AM FM Radios a Cheap Option?

Yes, generally, most of them are affordable and only sell for a few dollars

How Do I Set Favorite Stations on AM FM Radios?

Use the memory preset option and select all your favorite stations, so it becomes easy to search each time you switch on your radio.