My Morri: Morrison Employee Login at

MyMorri (also called MyMorri.Com Login Portal) is an online portal for Morrison employees. My Morri Login Portal allows Morrison employees to access, adjust and follow their work schedules for efficiency and effectiveness in their work. The Morrison Employee Login portal is accessible through an internet-enabled device anytime.

As a Morrison employee, you can use the portal to make any changes to your schedule, check your payroll, see your benefits, request leave and perform other roles as you wish. My Morri Login portal reduces the need to see your HR or file paperwork. 

How to Register at My Morri Portal?

You have to register first before you can start using the MyMorri portal to access services as an employee. The registration process is straightforward, and the portal only belongs to registered employees with a email address. If you have this, you can register by following these steps: 

  1. Visit the website using your web browser
  2. Click the “Sign in with Google” to get a prompt that asks you to provide your email
  3. Enter your email address and click next 
  4. Key in your default password 
  5. Complete the registration process by providing other information such as profile photo and other data necessary 

Notably, the registration process is simple, and you can complete it anytime. If you experience any challenges, you can contact your HR for immediate assistance. You can login to the portal and start enjoying services once you are done with the registration. The login guide is simple as well. 

MyMorri: Morrison Employee Login

You have to login to the MyMorri portal to access services as an employee. Thankfully, the login procedure is simple. It involves the following few straightforward steps:

  1. Visit for website and click on Google.
  2. Click the My Morri sign-in icon or button.
  3. Enter your Morrison Employee Login username and click the next button 
  4. Enter your Morrison Employee Account secret password 
  5. Click on login to MyMorri.Com.

Once logged in, you just need to navigate the website to various service pages depending on what you intend to do. is the official Morrison Employee Login website to get payslips and manage work schedules.
MyMorri - Morrison Employee Login

MyMorri Employee Benefits 

Undoubtedly, being a self-service portal, MyMorri offers many employee benefits. It helps you solve problems and save time, as you do not have to see your HR each time you have an issue. In a nutshell, here are the benefits of MyMorri:

  • Convenience when accessing daily work schedules 
  • Ease of checking your monthly payslips deductions 
  • Access to MyMorri staff discount information 
  • Ease of applying for a leave without lots of paperwork

You will also enjoy other benefits as a Morrison employee using the MyMorri employee login portal. What is listed above are just the major ones. Remember that timely access to information is vital for you as an employee.

What is Morrisons? 

Morrisons is a chain of supermarkets operating in the United Kingdom. It operates predominantly as a food and grocery chain of supermarkets. Unlike other supermarkets in the same line, Morrisons sources its fresh foods and groceries and processes and sells them. 

The Morrisons company was founded in 1899 and is currently headquartered in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It initially started as a stall dealing in egg and butter. Over the years, it has diversified to include many other foods and groceries to meet the needs of its customers. 

As part of Morrisons’ business expansion strategies and to reach a broader customer base, Morrisons has recently increased the number of its supermarkets and product lines. As of 2021, the company had a total of 497 supermarkets spread across England and some areas of Wales and Scotland. 

In addition to its traditional food and grocery products, the company now sells other products. They include but are not limited to clothing, books, magazines, and petrol. It also employs many workers and manages them through its online platform, MyMorri. 

My Morri Login Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Can Use MyMorri Login Portal?

MyMorri portal is exclusively available for use by Morrisons employees. Any other person who is not an employee cannot register or use the portal. You need Morrisons email address to register and use the portal, so you must be an employee of the company. 

How Do I Check My Payslip on MyMorri Portal?

Morrisons employee can check their payslips by Loggin into MyMorri Portal and going to the payment section. You will find your payslips there bother current and even the previous ones. 

What Should I Do If I Cannot Register on MyMorri.Com?

If any challenge arises during registration, such that you cannot complete the process, you just need to seek the assistance of your HR or administrator. However, you will find that the portal is easy to navigate and access services. 

What Happens If I Forget or Can’t Remember MyMorri Password? 

You can quickly reset your password if you forget and cannot remember it. Simply visit the MyMorri website, navigate to the login page then click the password reset button. You will get password reset instructions in your email.